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Carole, Nurse
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  20+ years professional experience in emergency nursing, skilled, HIV Certified educator
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I will give backgound here first. i had crush on this guy in

Customer Question

i will give backgound here first. i had crush on this guy in class 7 and we were in the dreamy phase till standard 10.
After class 10 he went to his native for higher studeies and i was at the same place. We didnt talk much over the phone. After one year of on and off over the phone my father got transferred to bangalore
and i had to come along with him.
I had decided to break all ties and then start fresh in bengaluru. After a year or so i started missing him so bad that i only called him up cried and asked him to be in relationship with me.
I had no clue at that point of time as to how its gonna be.Moving on past forward 4 years we became really close he came to bengaluru for me and we were in the same coolege. We were pretty close and i thought this is it. He had trust issues he was very paranoid.And that irritated me a lot. I ended up being his nanny i took care of him in every possible way but i craved for someone to take care of me..someone to listen to my woes and crazy for me the same way i was for him. He started taking me for granted and whenever we fought even though it was his mistake he used to ignore me for days and then i used to go to him crying.Once or twice it was ok but after a while i started getting pissed of this habit.
just last year december we had a big fight regarding trust issues and we didnt talk for 15 days straight and after that i started keeping a distance from him. Fast forward 5 months i thought of installing tinder just because i wanted to meet someone out of my zone.i met a guy while i was still seeing my boyfriend. It was nice meeting this guy but it didnt turn out in anything and i was ok. After two months i again installed tinder while my boyfriend was in his native and then i met this guy Kishore and we hit it off instantly. We both were from the same hometown so we clicked off really well and he was so different from my guy he listened to everything i said. He took care of me so well. I was still talking to my guy and seeing this guy too. I went on date with this guy and we had sex too. I just felt like i am in right hands. He can take care of me. He has everything that i had always wanted in a guy and dont have to compromise at any level.
Now the question was what should i tell my guy...I told him that my parents have found this match for me and i want to marry Kishore. My boyfriend got very anxious and even landed in hospital once i was there with him all the time but i always maintained that now i am with kishore and that he should not expect anything from me.But my boyfriend has become very touchy and he calls me up every now and then to tell sorry for whatever he did and he wants me back in his life and that he loves me a lot. Sometimes i feel bad too that if i am not doing any mistake. Kishore too sees his EX till now but he is very honest with him and tells me eveyrthing thats goes on betwene them and that there is nothing to worry from his end.He likes me and yeah he wanted to be with me.But he has no idea but my old boyfriend he doesnt know that i am still seeing him. He thinks that he stays somewhere else and that i dont talk to him and i have told him that my boyfriend ditched me and i was victim of cheating which is total lie.
Now i know that i have done a mistake but i really like kihsore and really feel that i can myself happy with this person 10 years down the line. but i dont know what i should do about my boyfriend i dont want him to spoil his life over me. Plus i have lied so much that i feel kishore will leave me for his ex because i am ditching my boyfriend. I am paranoid about this thought. But between me and kishore things are going great. we stay together and like being with each other. Do i have fidelity issues...what should i do...
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Carole replied 7 months ago.

Hello, I would be happy to discuss this with you via phone if you would like. Thank You, ***** *****