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Dr.G., Psychologist
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I was with my x fiancé for 6 years. We planned on getting

Customer Question

I was with my x fiancé for 6 years. We planned on getting this past July.. He had bought me a ring and I bought him one too. We were living together and I noticed a change in his behavior in April this year
Was distant and didn't want to go with me anywhere. Stopped going toy grandkids ball games and so on. HD moved out and got his own apartment in May. After that things got worse with him being cold.. But he would still call me every morning to dsyy he loved me and would text me during day and I would go to his apartment and spend night and fix him supper.. I just had this guy feeling somethings was up. One day he didn't text me all day and I I drove to his apartment after I got off work. I heard h talking loud as I came up to foory and heard him telling someone how awesome they were. I walked in and he was skyping a blindey woman. He was caught red handed. She seen me and he told her lll talk to you later. Turned TV off and went off on me. Said she is so much better then me and told me to get the F.. Out!. I was surprised but then again I told him I knew something was wrong. We own a Jeep and a boat together so I went to lawyer to find out my options. He refused to help me mskdy sny psymentdy and tectex mean things to me.. Even tectece me pics of her! He is very mean and very hurtful things were said. HD finally stopped and I nlickedy him.. He sent me email saying he was sorry and fhj kz zbiut MD. This woman looks like a prositute.. Fake breasts and fske lonv hair HD ssys from germsnyy. He is having an emotional affaify sign her. Do I believe he is truly sorry of is this s trick to get MD go back down eithy lawyer? I think he is addicted to this what can I do to help him? Is he playing me for a fake shallos relationship eigjt this blonde bombshell from Germany?.. I love him.. He needs professional help I believe
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr.G. replied 8 months ago.

Hello there. I am sorry to hear about what your fiancé did to you. I can only suspect he had been doing it for a long time and finally got caught. Unfortunately, he showed no remorse, instead he turned the blame on you. Only later does he say he is sorry, but I think the damage is done. Pulling him out of that relationship and towards a relationship with you is not your responsibility. His behavior is likely to continue, only next time he will try to hide it better. The trust has been broken between the two of you. I honestly think that you cut ties with him. The more you try to help him the more you get frustrated. And, don't you want him to seek after you? You can't have a relationship with someone who is always looking outside of the relationship for fulfillment. Cut ties and move on. Better to find out now then when you are married.

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