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I went to see my ex girlfriend to confront her on why she

Customer Question

I went to see my ex girlfriend to confront her on why she dumped me she agreed to talk but was cold and short with everything when I tried looking her in the eyes she was always looking off in the distance never making eye contact I told her that I had a dream of her cheating on me and she replied I don't know what to tell you I don't wanna hurt you I said just be honest tell the truth she would only repeat I don't know what to tell you she said you can't comeback here she stays in the basement of her parents home big house I spilled my guys out telling her how much I loved her but it seemed to go in one ear and out the other we went back n forth for about 30mins or so then I had to leave so I grabbed her and hugged her gave her a kiss on the cheek and she never hugged me back so I said goodbye with no response from her an hour and a half later I get a tx from her saying that she had met someone after we split up but really she dumped me I went into a panic and tried calling her but she wouldn't answer I txed her and she said I really did meet someone after we split so I said I came out to hear it from your mouth the truth and you send a tx msgs I was devastated after I get off work about 3 hours later I tried calling her back I get no answer then I receive a picture msg of her kissing this new guy on the cheek and this prick is smiling holding her phone so he sent me a selfiy of them making out at her house in the bed I was just in 8 days prior so I was upset and headed out to her parents house when I got there I knocked no answer so I walked in and when I went to her room they were naked I'm pretty sure they had finished having sex when they seen me they were in a state of shock and My emotions had got the best of me I asked her you brokeup with me for this he tried talking to me but I told him to shutup and get back on the otherside of the room or imma beat his a.. I said I'm just here to talk to her I left the room and let them get dressed I went upstairs to try n make sense of it all but my thoughts was on the parents that I really care for who were home in the bed but her older son was there we talked and he said this had been going on the last three nights so I went back downstairs to confront her and she was pretty much speechless the guy was tryin to threaten me by saying do you want me to put him out and I said go for it and imma beat your a.. Funny how he said this while hiding behind her I said you left me for this piece of sh..I cursed her out not that bad and slammed the door leaving out the garage I had to releave some pressure so I took it out on a sheet of wood I was so juiced up I couldn't feel anything I went outside and she kept saying to me go go and pointing just go when I got in my car and lefted I raised hell by the time I got to the end of the road my senses started coming back to me telling me to slowdown and just try and make it home which I finally did what's bad is that I had been staying with her the kids and the parents going on 8 yrs I cooked for the whole family cleaned,painted, dranked,furnished furniture, beds, cutt grass,kept the house when they went on vacation I mean everything you could think of just for her to bring another guy in to what we had built together as a family when the parents found out he had been staying there overnight they said nomore he can't stay here now weeks later they are staying not even a Mile from where I live in a motel she has two kids one 12 and the other 17 this scumbag has got two kids also one 5 and the other 6 he and his kids mother have decided to split up after 6 yrs and my ex of 8 yrs decided to dump me and four days later their in a relationship could they both be in rebound relationships and if they are what are the chances it works out considering she's only spending two nights with her kids and spending 5 nights a week with her new boyfriend in the motel I don't know about his kids but it's probably the same I Love her very much and I would love nothing but for us to work it out but I just don't know if she will ever come to her senses
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 1 year ago.

sounds like an awful mess ans a mess that will only get worse. she has ended it and that needs to be accepted by you. it is painful, but giving space now is the best course of action. let things play out and if she reaches out then you can decide if it works for you, but right now no contact is the way to go. live your life and be free.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank u that's what I've been tryin to do is avoid her at all cost and let her do whatever she's doing
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 1 year ago.
Exactly. Not easy for you, I know, but no other option at this point. Try and dust off and live your life.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My only concern is the kids and how it will affect them
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 1 year ago.
because you are loving, but sadly nothing you can do at this point.
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 1 year ago.

Wishing you the best. Please take a moment to click on the rating tab to rate my support, as I am not credited for my time without your positive rating. Thanks in advance for taking care of that. I am here again if you need me. Thanks so much.