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Im too confused i dont know what your answers mean. I just

Customer Question

Im too confused i dont know what your answers mean. I just want an answer in black and white. As to what i should do.
i even brought up the idea of sperm injected into me but ge said that idea is totaly absurd.
his reasons for not wanting child is
1. His age factor which he is afraid can have effect on the child.
2. He say he doesnt have the stamina to look after new baby at this age.
but what about me.? Every woman dreams and wishes to be a mother. I too want have a child.
i havent told my parents of this marriage yet. And although we got married 10 days ago but dating for the last 2 years. I still live in my appartment and he lives with his two children. He requested that i slowly move in by the summer in june once his son finishes his semester and does not feel invaded.i agreed to this deal. But i feel sooooo lonely, empty and sad. And especiallymore after his adamancy on not to have a baby someday.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I keep being robbed of my response to your response! I wrote that I would telephone with you if you accepted my offer of service. I said your man seems to be pretty kind in his opinion about not wanting a baby. Since you apparently haven't accepted my agreement to telephone. I'll suggest that you tell him YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BABY's FIRST 5 YEARS before schooling begins. It's also clear to me that you're perhaps more anxious about moving in with him than some women your age might be, because you may have been somewhat restricted and by overly possessive parents for around 20 years longer than such parental control would normally be exercised. So you're bound to have an unusually hard time breaking away from them. BUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING IS EXTREMELY COURAGEOUS AND VITALLY IMPORTANT for your own chances to lead a full life with more of the challenges and growth experiences that the mainstream of most people get to face. I've got to go vote and do several errands now. So I'll check in again later. I don't know why this is a new question. But I'm doing my best to help you, given that I also have a disabled wife and disabled daughter to take care of.