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Married 26 years. Both recently received inheritance of

Customer Question

Married 26 years. Both recently received inheritance of about $50,000 each. Packed up and moved from California to NC. Plan was to take $100,000, buy house and hopefully have about $50,000 to live out our lives on. Bought Fixer and furniture. Wife paid cash - about $35,000. Husband never reimbursed his half. Wife (63) collects $1,000/mo. in Social Security. Husband (58) - no income. Husband managed to spend ALL $50,000 of his money within 18 months. No explanation or obvious purchases. Now living off wife's bare income. Whole retirement is RUINED. Can't travel, eat out, ANYTHING we planned to do. Husband refuses to look for work even though he is capable. WHAT TO DO???
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  CounselorJules replied 1 year ago.

Gosh, lots of changes! Maybe that's what they mean about that "for better or for worse" thing.... I'm wondering if all of the adjustment could be leading to some distress for your husband. It does sound like it feels pretty discouraging and frustrating. What would happen if you communicated from a place of love? Or vulnerability? And try to empathize with what his needs are that may be keeping him from being motivated? Are you familiar with "the five love languages" by Chapman? It is a good resource in understanding how to best approach a sensitive issue with a loved one.

Expert:  CounselorJules replied 1 year ago.

I do hope you will take the time to review and rate my answer . If you feel you would like to discuss more about this matter, please continue the conversation when available! Best wishes and warm regards! Julie

Expert:  CounselorJules replied 1 year ago.

I just wanted to provide the opportunity to follow back up with you. I am still available if you feel that you would like to process this situation more. If you feel that you have been answered satisfactorily, please take the time to accept the answer and provide any feedback you may have.

Expert:  CounselorJules replied 1 year ago.

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