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Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer,
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My husband and I are 28, with a 2 year old daughter. I'm

Customer Question

My husband and I are 28, with a 2 year old daughter. I'm studying and my husband works. We have moved into our own place for atleast 6 months. But my in laws are still controlling EVERYTHING. They are lying , making out that I'm mentally unballanced or something. They are saying that just because my husband is working nights, that I can't have my own child alone! My mother in law is extremely MANILPULATIVE AND NARCISSISSTIC. She pushed us into this situation when we were living with them, (due to unemployment). She threatened suicide if she didn't get her own way.
I've tried talking to my husband, but he blames me not working. But I've been applying for part time work for 2 years now! My husband won't do anything. I've tried getting my family to talk to my husband and talking to my in laws.
I can't stand this disrespect anymore. I've also tried asking advice from the poilce and a lawyer. Please help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Christopher Palmer replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I would recommend family counseling. Getting those people who you feel are disrespecting you and not supporting you when they should be. If you have tried this and feel like you are in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship then you need to leave. It sounds like you are not respected and are in a very tough situation. If you do not feel love, respected, an emotionally supported by your husband then he needs to know this through communication or counseling. But if this does not work, then you should talk about your problems with those who do love and support you. Even attending counseling alone if not couples or family counseling may help. I'm sorry for your situation. But if all of these options are exhausted and you are unhappy and or feel unsafe physically and mentally then you need to strongly consider leaving. Your husband needs to stand up for you and me a man and talk to his family. Love is key. Do not let your mother in law or outside pressure affect you. Keeping working hard on your life even if that may or may not include your husband in the future. Please take care. There is no quick fix to this. Find those who support and love you, exhaust your options for therapy especially since there is a child involved, and then set up an appointment with a lawyer re: filing divorce as last resort. But keep working, keep studying. You can take your life back if you feel others are trying to manipulate it.