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I'm writing to you because I have no one! I was with my now

Customer Question

I'm writing to you because I have no one !
I was with my now ex for two years she dumped me on Boxing Day I'm 20 btw.
She came over and said she loves me but is not In love and to be fair I treated her badly as in I would say you don't look good in that but she would laugh because that's the way my friends and I would talk. Since I was with her I spent like everyday with her and never saw friends all I had was her and she took my friends. We met up the next day after the brake up I wrote her a letter telling her I have anxiety and she already knew but isn't giving me another chance !
I rang her on New Year's Eve at like 8pm and she answered when a few days previous she said she'll never respond ! She said she was home alone so I went to her house she was crying and telling me to leave so I did then when I got home she answered surprisingly ! I told her I've kinda changed the last days like I'm not staying in bed every day and being shitty she said she loves me for a year but then wasn't In love for the other year ! I tried telling her I'll never hurt her and that will always be in her mind but I told her I can minimise the chances but she said I don't want to be with you I want someone else and she kept saying I'm hanging up now but she never did then eventually she did, blocked me on everything!
How can I get her back ?
I know people say just move on but this chick is perfect and beautiful even though I never treated her right ! I'm in so much pain.
And when I went to her house she had make up done and half dressed but when I rang her on the phone before I went there she said she's working New Years but on the phone she confessed she's having people over a few work girls which I'm hoping there's no guys !
How do you honestly get her ?
Do I wait a month or so and hope her anger goes away towards me ? I think she's angry cause I'm trying to make her change her mind
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  VA-NP replied 1 year ago.


I'm so sorry that you are going through the pain of a breakup. It sounds like your ex-girlfriend really means that she isn't "in love" with you, and in that case there is nothing you can do to "get her back." One either has those feelings for another person or they don't. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your having treated her shabbily.

If you want to contact her in another month or two and talk, that is fine, but it doesn't sound like she is interested in any further relationship other than friendship. The mature thing to do is to move on, since she has.

Please hit "reply" if you have further questions about this.

Best regards,



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