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I have a question about my marriage. My husband and I have

Customer Question

I have a question about my marriage. My husband and I have been married 5.5 years we have had issues in the past and almost 3 years ago we separated I tried to work it out and nothing worked he was so hurtful and angry so I moved out and filed for divorce.
3 weeks later he wanted to reconcile, I was hesitant and said no until 3 weeks later. We worked it out and we were very happy. A huge issue in our marriage was his family and they continue to be an issue. They absolutely hate me they have never wanted him
with me and manipulate him until he leaves me. This now the case again and this time I'm so unsure as to how we could ever work it out. I have my own issues including anxiety when it comes to our relationship and I have a very hard time with his mother and
I did try to limit her visits. She lives in a different state. I'm aware this was wrong and I would go back and change my actions if I could. I was completely prepared for a divorce this time but I see that his actions are proving that his hasty decision might
be getting to him. We are still intimate with each other he kisses me hugs me tickles me wants to flirt he rubs my back if I ask him to he's even laid down and cuddled with me. I'm wondering if he's just messing with my head or is he having second thoughts.
He isn't nice all the time sometimes if I talk about a random subject or mention us working on our co parenting relationship he bluntly states it's about the kids we aren't together. I'm so confused right now. Do we have a chance or do I give up
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

Hi. You always have a chance as long have both of you at least try. The one thing that should be done is to make sure he is on your side about that whole familly problem. Ask him to organize a familly meeting (that can be complicated to do but in a moment like a divorce, you make the effort whatever is required). Then you two face the familly and ask them in plain face what is the problem they have with you and at that point if he is on your side and defend you, are in good hand. It does not matter that the problem get solved with the familly, what you want is to know that you can count on him from that moment with the familly problem. If he can't stand for you there, he will not be able to stand for much else in the future. It might be a good thing for him at the same time as he could "confront one demon's", literally.