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The question I have is not asking advice, just an

Customer Question

Hi, the question I have is not asking for relationship advice, just an I'm-interested-in someone advice. I'm a medical student who met a resident I was interested in and who I thought was interested in me. During my time there, one of his friends who I hardly know kept asking if I was dating anyone and if I would be interested in dating him. Whenever we worked together, I felt like he was very interested in getting to know me (asking a lot of questions) and always slightly nervous around me. On my last day at the hospital where he works, he asked me to add him on facebook and said to keep in touch. I was out of state for a month on another rotation and never heard from him. I took the initiative to message him after 3 weeks and he suggested we hang out when I get back in town. I said sure and gave him my number. So far, he hasn't contacted me. I've been back for only about 3 days now, but based on his actions I would think he's not that interested...(or maybe scared?) This is the first time in my life I have ever been this forward with a guy and just wanted to ask someone's objective opinion on the situation. Haven't I put myself out there enough by giving him my number? Is it safe to say he's just not interested?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  therapist325 replied 1 year ago.

Hello-hoping I can help with your question a little. With guys it can really vary on the time frame of when they contact a person they are interested. Especially with you being out of town for awhile, he may not be sure that you are back (correct me if he does know for sure that you are back). Even if he does know, it has only been 3 days. I would give it a week before you write him off. On a second note, if you are interested, text or message him and ask for a casual meet up! You don't have to wait for him!