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My relationship with my significant other is one of a story.

Customer Question

My relationship with my significant other is one hell of a story. We fell in love with each other and finally one day, he decided to create a life with me. He was in an extremely unhealthy relationship with the mother of his children, living with them all. He found an apartment and decided for me to come with him. The mother kept his kids from him for about 3 months. She would not let him see them at all. With time, that improved and now he can see them basically whenever he wants and takes them wherever. A couple weeks ago, he told me I need to leave him because he doesn't want any relationship. So I did. No more than two days did he ask me to come back because he missed me way too much. Things after that seemed better. Last night, I wore something very sexy for him, but he took almost 0 interest in it. I asked him what's going on and he told me I deserve better. He feels guilty making me happy because it's not for his kids. So again, he wants me to leave him.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
Hi. Perhaps he got an absent father and don't want to have that happen to the kids.
Try to make him understand that you can save him time so he can pass more time with the kids than if he was alone to do everything in the house.
As for the money he spend on you and not on the kids, you can try to make him understand that money do not make good kids but that you could pay your own expense until the kids are 18. Many millionaires say to their kids right away they will not get the millions because they just would not evolve and just sit waiting for it.
You also need to prove him you can bring something to the kids, like helping them very well with school or making them learn to cook or anything you can find useful.