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I met this lady on a dating site a couple weeks ago and we

Customer Question

Hi. I met this lady on a dating site a couple weeks ago and we seemed to hit it off. But right away she wants to go off the the site and chat, so I did. We exchanged emails and then phone numbers. She demanded that I delete my profile from the site and
claims she did also. We are getting better acquainted and then she says she needs money for car repair and phone bills. Like a idiot i sent her some money and things don't add up. She refuses to call me claiming her phone mouthpiece is broken but she has sent
pictures. I have saved all pictures and texts. She claims to live in Iowa state and wants me to visit. She finally called me yesterday and for her claiming to be born in California she has an accent. When I asked she stated she was born in South Africa! Things
are not adding up and I need answers. Please help. If you need her information I have it
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I want to start with her wanting you to delete your account off the dating site. She wanted to make sure that you didn't meet anyone else. She knew how she felt about you and didn't want to lose you to anyone else. Her phone peice being broken phone trouble does happen and it could have been broken. She still stayed in contact with pictures and texts so she was very much interested in continuing the relationship. Some people like to text more than they like talking on the phone. She wants you to visit her so she wants to further the relationship. Some times people move around a lot and she could have been from South Africa and currently living in Iowa. I think you should continue the relationship and see where things go. I feel like the first conversation you should have with her is for her to be honest and tell her you want to get to know the real her. She might be saying a lot of things to impress you because she is worried you will not think she is good enough and she doesn't want to lose you. She found someone she cares about and she might be worried you don't feel the same. I would reassure her how you feel and explain you want to get to know her for who she really is as a person. Thank you again for your question