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Dr. Z
Dr. Z, Psychologist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  I have a doctoral degree in psychology and have a history of providing couple's and family therapy.
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I have been emotionally and physically and sexually abused

Customer Question

I have been emotionally and physically and sexually abused since the age of 12 years old. I have a lot to say about these topics and I'm interested In writing a book on this subject. Especially the effects on childten. What would be the best way to start this project? Thank you, PJ
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Z replied 2 years ago.
*This website DOES NOT constitute treatment and only provides information and advice. For treatment (therapy and/or medications) you must go to a licensed professional in your area.
Hello, I believe I may be able to help you with your concern. I have a background in assessing and treating both offenders of sexual and physical abuse and victims of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, so I believe I can assist you with this topic. I think it is very commendable that you want to write about this topic and share with the world your own experiences on this issue. As you know the topics of sexual and physical abuse can vary widely, so I will go over a few steps to help you with your "project."
1. You should start to narrow down topics that you really want to talk about in your book as it has to be specific and not too broad. Try to come up with a list of 50 topics like treatment options for those that suffer from abuse, how to establish relationships being a survivor of abuse, should an individual be called a victim or a survivor of abuse, etc....Also you want to order the topics from most important to least important because you will not be able to talk about all of them in your first book.
2. You want to find out what you want to talk about and what you are advocating. Is the purpose of the book to add to the growing literature on this topic? Are you trying to talk about something different? Are you advocating for stricter punishment, more preventive measures, etc...? Make your overall point of the book become known from the beginning and use the research to back up that premise.
3. The next is to do peer reviewed research and a literature review on the subjects. Obviously literary resources are good in the form of books from those with a Ph.D, Psy.D, or MD. In addition, I would encourage you to use Google Scholar to find independent articles written by professionals on the subject.
4. You should consider trying to interview psychologists and therapists on this subject. I would encourage you to go to Universities for the interviews as these individuals can provide you with more research material and their experience on the subject matter would be very helpful in providing a more scientific and non-bias feel to your book.
5. In some cases you want to consider writing cases studies in your book about individual victims to give a more emotional and personal element to your book. You can also write about your own personal experience as well, but I would limit that so you do not appear biased in your writing. I realize this is a personal topic for you, but you are going to have to separate from that in a way so that you can focus on providing new knowledge to the community and possibly help others that have been abused as well.
So these would be good places to start with your project and the research is going to take a lot of time because you will have to do a lot of reading, but the more backing your book has the better the product will be.
I hope this answers your questions and gives you some guidance on this issue. I truly wish you all the best and I hope that your book becomes very successful for you and helps a lot of people. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as I am happy to assist and support you regarding this issue.
*****If you are satisfied with my answer, I would truly appreciate it if you can take the time and provide me with a positive rating so that I can receive credit for helping you. Thank you
Expert:  Dr. Z replied 2 years ago.
Hello, I was checking in to see if you have any further questions or concerns that you would like me to address on this issue?
*****If you are satisfied with my answer, I would truly appreciate it if you can take the time and provide me with a positive rating so that I can receive credit for helping you. Thank you