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I'm a married women and he also is married ? He talks a lot

Customer Question

I'm a married women and he also is married ? He talks a lot of his wife sometime negatively sometime positive how do I know if he has fallen in love with me? We have fantabulous sexy and also tex sexual he also every morning to see how I'm doing and tex good throughout the day to ask him I'm ok?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.
Hello. My name is***** can help you with your question.
If you think he is still in love with his wife, then why you want to be a major factor in their decision to break up while also destroying your own marriage?
I would consider very carefully what's the's brief moments of pleasure will return on your investment in the future. Relationships that start out this way, almost all of them, and in the negative way. And then the person that began it is alone.
If this is not your husband and you are married to someone else, then you absolutely do not want him to fall in love with you. And if there is any danger of that happening, you need to immediately cut off your ties with this person. It is extraordinarily unfair to your partner to be pursuing this backup plan without him having the benefit of knowing he needs one. Instead of wondering if the new guy has fallen in love with you, you should be doing your best to make sure the first guy is still in love with you and you're still treating him the same way you did today you are married. If anything you should be treating them better than your work. Relationships and marriages follow very predictable patterns. If you are in a part of that cycle that is unpleasant, get through it. Because if you don't and you move on, you will be at that very same point with the next guy at some point. Work on what you have and work on making it better and work at giving this man the opportunity to make his marriage better as well. Nothing good could come from to married people sneaking around and looking up. Nothing. I promise nothing. I know it feels great but eating 10 pounds of chocolate feels great too. And if I were not certain that it would turn out bad for me then I'd probably be eating that chocolate every day. But you can't make moves based on speculation and that's all you have about the future based on the way you are conducting the present.