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I'm 16 and have a question. There is this boy I kind of

Customer Question

Hi, I'm 16 and have a question. There is this boy I kind of like and we have each others numbers and text but I am wondering if he likes me. He's 16, extremely polite and respectful. I asked him to hang out and he asked his mother for permission and she said yes but I'm afraid to plan it because I asked him twice and he was cool with it but when I asked if he minded he said not at all but I did mention it a lot but that it was cool. Do you think he does want to hang out and get to know me? I only want to start out as friends anyway and get to know him right now but I'm afraid I ruined it with asking him 3 times. I just have a bad habit of repeating myself. I also text him sometimes right after school because that's the best time for me before my homework but he said if we could text each other later in the night that would be better. I'm just wondering if he will hang out for real since his mom said it is ok to and if he really is interested in talking to me. Also there is another boy that I like, we are actually good friends and I like him but don't think right now he likes me. He does tell me things about what he did with other girls that turn out to not be true. It's like he's making me jealous. Could he end up liking me or is it a hopeless cause?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 2 years ago.
Hi, and thanks for your question.
I'm sorry you didn't receive an earlier answer; various experts are online at different times and I was just made aware of your question, so your patience is greatly appreciated!
You sound like a very intelligent and mature person for your age!
I think the way you went about things, re: asking if he'd like to hang out was fine, but if you are aware that you have a habit of repeating yourself, you're going to have to consciously curb that habit, as he might have found it annoying and/or you might have seemed 'too' anxious to meet up with him. He does sound like a very polite and respectful boy and that's great!
If he asked you to text him later on in the evening/night because right after school is not a good time for him, tell him 'no problem,' but ask what's a good time for him? If you can text and get to know each other better and forge a nice friendship, that would be great!
However, when you think you want to text him or speak to him on the phone (if you have done that already) about this same subject, stop, think, and prevent yourself from doing it, so he doesn't think the repeated requests are annoying. If you make up a good time to text later at night, that's fine, but stick to that schedule and it doesn't even have to be every day, so he doesn't think you're moving too fast. You said you wanted to take things slow and I think that's an excellent decision.
As for the other boy that you like and are friends with, he might be making up these stories about things he did with other girls to make you jealous and this could be BECAUSE he likes you; however, if what he's telling you turns out not to be true, that's a warning sign that even though he might be saying these things to 'build himself up' in your eyes, he's still 'lying' and if things might go further with him and you, you would need to know that he's always telling you the truth. In addition, if you start hanging out more and he does like you, think of this: he might be telling OTHER girls things he's done with you, which are untrue and that wouldn't be good for your reputation.
It does sound like you may have a chance with this first guy you mentioned, so take it slowly, be aware of what you're asking and when (not too often) and see how things go. Just try to be cool and be yourself when you text/speak to him so he will like you for who you are.
I wish you much good luck and hope things work out the way you want them to! : )
I hope this helped and please take a moment to rate my answer with positive feedback, as that is the only way I am credited by the site for my answer. Thank you very much!
If you want to continue our conversation, you can do that at any time, by clicking 'reply' even after rating, and I will be glad to continue to help.
Warmest wishes,