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Me and my boyfriend have been together a year. when

Customer Question

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year. when we first met he had just got of prison. He had been in there for 5 years. We had an awesome relationship. I've never loved anyone as much as I do him but everything just seemed to fall apart all of a sudden. He told me he wanted to move out. I was upset at first but got over it. About a week after he moved out he told me he cheated on me but he was sorry and he would do anything to fix it. The very next day he then told me he didn't want to be in a relationship he needed space and time. But he still loved me. I was crushed. We kinda kept contact though. He was being distant and detached though. During this time though I ended up having a miscarriage. I didn't know I was pregnant until it happened. It took me two weeks to tell him. When I did be flipped out because it took me so long to tell him. He then kept wanting me to stay with him. That lasted a week and that Saturday he wanted me to go home for a night. I said ok but later that day I caught him hugged up with another chick. The same one he cheated on me with. I told him I was done. He texted me before I could even leave the parking lot asking me not to erase him from my life. It couldn't be like this. He loved me. But he asked for time to think and I couldn't respect that enough. Excuse me but it just seems like he's thinking with his little brain. We didn't have any contact but my cousin had talked to him and he told my cousin that he still very much loved me but he needed space. That was almost 2 weeks ago. Last week I seen him with yet another chick. By accident. At least he wasn't hugged up on her. I don't know what to do. I love him so much. Should I just give up or try to fix it. If I can and how would I do that? I'm torn. Please help.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 2 years ago.
I hear your pain and I can hear how you love him. It does sound like he needs to get some things out of his system and even though he loves you, it hasn't prevented him from seeing other women. I would try and talk with him, in a loving and calm moment and ask him what he really wants and you let him know what you truly want and see if it is workable for both of you. Clearly there is love there, so put it out there to him and see if it can be worked through. If things don't change then you are left with a decision as to what to do with what works best for you. but right now I hear the love and a desire to make things work, so create some time together and talk openly and lovingly.

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