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Is it normal when ur boyfriend wants some space

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Is it normal when ur boyfriend wants some space
It certainly can be. It depends on the circumstances of your relationship and why he is asking for it. He may feel a bit smothered for one reason or another and wants a break. A lot of times having space in a relationship can be a good thing.
If you have been respecting his wishes, that's all you can really do right now until he decides which direction to take your relationship next.
Overall, yes it is quite normal for both men and women to need space occasionally in a relationship.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We had a disagreement cause i'm not giving 100% like he is,he get frustrated and need' to be away from me,He ' been married b4 and then had girlfriend' who cheated on him,he want' me to b independent and want me to show him more effection and I have a hard time doing that,he get' frustrated in me cause I can't seem to do much by myself.Like when I stay over the night the next morning he get' my coffee and he take' it away when i'm done,but I get the feeling I should do that myself and wash the mug when I get done,i've mostly been by myself for the last five yrs and so hasn't my boyfriend.All last wk I was over there and all my coffee mug' r in the sink and I asked him if he wanted me to do the dishes,he got upset because I asked that I should just do them.

It sounds like you both need to just learn how to communicate better within the relationship. If you feel he has some legitimate points, then you can work on that and in turn, ask him to meet you half way about things you may have issue with as well. For now, I would give him his space and make sure you are still having some level of communication with him, even if minimal.
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