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A female friend doesnt like my psychologists practice of

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A female friend doesn't like my psychologist's practice of hypnotism, to which she strongly faults due to a derogatory suggestion in the bible. I am also a Christian, and so then ended the hypnotic sessions, but retained the other services of the psychologist because of the usefulness of our professional relationship when I am involved in a suit.
In addition, my friend spotted a deck of Tarat cards in the psychologist's office, and is convinced that there are demons there that will harm me.
The friend learned that I am continuing to see the psychologist and has asked me to choose between herself, and our shared faith in the word of the bible, or the psychologist.
The choice should be easy; after all everyone knows that a friend who demands such a choice may not be friend at all. I want to stick with the psychologist, especially at this time of a strain on my mind because of the suit.
Or am I wrong to still want to keep the female friend? We are no more than just friends, but her place at my side is none the less very supportive at this time.
Is there a compromise? We are both Christians, and I am facing in the same direction as my friend, but have not progressed as far along her path. I hate to lose her direction in faith. She has helped me very much after my accident, and I appreciate her.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like your friend is putting you in a difficult position. She seems to feel you might be harmed by what the psychologist is doing yet she also is putting her own feelings about your therapy on you trying to push through her own agenda regarding your therapy.

Being a Christian, you have to do what you feel you are comfortable with. This is about your relationship with God and not about what your friend wants. If she is uncomfortable with this therapist, there is no reason she must deal with him. And while it is ok that she tells you her concerns regarding what the therapist has in his office and his approach to therapy, ultimately, this is about your relationship with God and therefore your choice.

Holding her friendship with you over your head is not a good way to approach this issue. Instead, you may want to talk to her about this being your choice and that while you appreciate her concern, it is your relationship with God that matters, not her own agenda. A compromise might be that you "check in" with her about your faith so she feels you are not being influenced by this therapist while you see him. If she will agree to that, it may save the friendship and you can continue to work with the therapist.

I hope this has helped you,
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