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I met someone online and we chatted for a month. I got him

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I met someone online and we chatted for a month. I got him a job working with me at a remote northern resort. When he came to the resort (the first day we met in person), we decided just to share my room in the staff housing (in other words, we moved in together and share the same bed). We told each other we loved one and other the 3rd day. Winter is coming and we will soon be stuck inside together 24/7, working and living. We have planned a vacation together at the beginning of Dec. He and I both had bad habits that we quit for each other (he smoked cigs and pot, I drank and partied). It's been 2 months of being together and we have had a couple of arguments but have worked things out. My family and friends are not very supportive of my choice and say I am impulsive and jump into things way to fast. I have made impulsive relationship choices in the past so I do see their point. I come from a supportive and loving family, he is from a broken home and didn't even have his own place to live when I met him. My parents say the we have moved way to fast and that the rose colored glasses will come off one day and the honeymoon will be over. They say that our relationship started to hard and fast and might end as fast as it began. Is it possible to be in love after only 2 months (my Mom says it is just lust at this point)? My friends say this has all the ingredients to end in disaster. They say I get bored easily and that after a few months of seclusion the interest will diminish. I love him, I think he is "the one". I don't even have the want/need to see my friends or family right now. We are both happy up in our own little secluded world. Of note, we are both in our early 20's, and that is another thing people say we have against us. I wish that people would just see that things are different this time!
Hello. Given your past and other factors, it may be a correct assumption on other peoples' part to see things the way they do. While you want their support, they are just concerned and have no good reason to believe this time is different. You have to see their side. While anything is possible, this relationship may work and if it does, you will have proven to them they are wrong. With that in mind, it is impossible to know someone after only a few months. Couples have been married for years and still not know everything about each other, so it's really difficult to be truly in love with someone in that short of an amount of time. SO, if you do have feelings for him, then just go with it, who cares what others say. If it was meant to be, then it will, regardless of other peoples' opinions. Just try to get to know him more, which it looks like you will have plenty of time for that and see where it goes. It may work, it may not. If you are happy, then so be it.
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