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hi ive been seeing a guy for nearly 3 years at first i agreed

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hi ive been seeing a guy for nearly 3 years at first i agreed to see him even though he was still involved with his ex who he has 2 children to. at first it was just fun but then of course i fell in love and wanted more after 2 years i finally got what i thought was commitment to then find out he cheated on me with his ex, at this point i hit my lowest and decided that i would not take anymore however he constantly harassed me saying he would fully commit it will b public he would do anything to prove it counselling ect, i was very reluctant had almost let go and moved on and thought if i dont give it one more shot i might regret may this year we tried again he is going through mediation with his ex and so far it seems civil however she texts him up to 20 times a day and pictures of herself and the kids contantly, and then sends me mes saying she was still sleeping with him in june... hes always hiding his phone and having it on silent, understand pictures of the kids fine but i get the feeling shes trying to do more than that and i dont trust him or her and i try talking to him about it but its always a dead end i feel sick all the time and im always questioning where he is and what hes doing, do i just let go and move on? i feel im unhealthy and stressed all the time and wonder is it worth it!
Hello. I think you know the answer to this, as you are not at all happy with this situation. He does not seem at all ready to choose one or the other and why should he if he doesn't have to? He has gotten away with it so far and he has no reason to make that decision. If you leave, which is what I would recommend, he will no doubt come back like he did before, promise you everything, etc. but you have seen that he is not honest about any of it. He likes having both "options" and will continue to do whatever he needs to in order to have both. You are feeling stressed and sick all the time, is it worth it? I don't think that it is, but you have to make that choice.
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