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I have been seeing this guy for a couple of months everything

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I have been seeing this guy for a couple of months everything was going seemingly fine,until about three weeks ago when overnight he completely changed, hes been very hot and cold wont talk to me will avoid and ignore me any chance he gets, when I ask him what is wrong have I done something he said its nothing he doesn't like talking and likes being on his own then the next day hes all over me again then he wont want anything to do with me. im really confused. he was the one who chased me for weeks and initiated things to begin with and I was wary and was afraid to open up and let him in but did let my guard down. now im thinking it was a mistake. how can someone do a complete 180 overnight??
Hello. Some men enjoy the chase more than the success of what happens after. It sounds as though he has his own agenda and doesn't care much about yours. Is this the kind of relationship you want? You have every right to have a say in this too. He got what he wanted, he is continuing to get what he wants, how about you? What do you expect from him and this relationship? You need to stand up and tell him what you want and if you are not both on the same page, you should consider moving on and finding someone who is willing to respect you and your feelings.
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