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Hi me and my bf are trying for a baby. I ovulated 2days ago

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Hi me and my bf are trying for a baby. I ovulated 2days ago but two days before I ovulated my bf pre-came inside me and when I was ovulating 2 days ago he fully came inside me. My breasts are really warm and my tummy feels heavy. I usually ovulate for 2 days but this month I only ovulated for 1 day
Hello and congrats for trying for a baby! What is your question? I only see a statement in this post and no question.I will be happy to help if you provide more information as to what you are looking for.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I only ovulated for 1 day this month and I usually ovulate for 2 days
The OTC ovulation test you are taking is probably showing a false positive or negative which is VERY VERY common and most likely.Having an understanding of the process of ovulation can help a great deal when determining your fertility. Generally you have a 12 hour window and should have sex BEFORE ovulation.
The lifespan of the egg after ovulation is just 12-24 hours, maybe even less. Fertilization must take place within this time frame. After this time frame, the egg begins to degenerate and is no longer capable of being fertilized. This seems like a very short window of time for conception to take place. However, sperm deposited prior to ovulation can survive in the female reproductive tract for a few days, so the few days before ovulation takes place are also considered fertile days.
Ovulation is the event that defines the phases of the menstrual cycle. The phase before ovulation, when the ovarian follicles are developing, is called the follicular phase. The phase after ovulation is called the luteal phase. The length of the follicular phase may vary but the luteal phase length is generally constant from cycle to cycle for the same woman, lasting 10-16 days. When cycles are irregular, it is usually because ovulation occurred earlier or later than usual. Knowing when ovulation occurred allows you to see if intercourse was well-timed for conception and lets you determine your luteal phase length. Knowing your luteal phase length tells you when to expect your period or a positive pregnancy test result.
The actual act of "ovulation" happens generally in one day. I'm not certain how you are reading the amount of time you are ovulating because there is no sure way to say you were ovulating for so many hours one time but not the other times. The rules still stay the same.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It was not a false positive I ovulated 2 days ago but 2 days before I ovulated my bf pre-came inside me and when I was ovulating he fully came inside me.
Ok. I am still not understanding what your actual question is. Are you asking if its possible you can be pregnant based on this information? If so, then the answer is yes it is possible. There is no way to say if you are getting a false positive on an ovulation kit, it happens all the time, just like pregnancy tests. Regardless of what any test tells you or what your basal temperature is, you have a 12 hour window of fertility when you can get pregnant give or take a few hours. Sperm can live in your body up to 6 days depending on your boyfriends health and other factors, so if ovulation occurs anywhere in this time frame, you have a chance of getting pregnant. If there was sperm in your body any time during ovulation, you have a chance.
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