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Elliott, LPCC, NCC
Elliott, LPCC, NCC, Psychotherapist
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My ex was ordered by the courts to use my insurance and has

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My ex was ordered by the courts to use my insurance and has refused to do so for 5 years. I carry FULL coverage on them as required by the judge. Not to mention that he is sending me bills for half of the medical bills while the ex uses his own insurance and harrasses me for the payments. Since the court ordered stated that I carry the insurance cant he be held in contempt for not doing it?

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Dear friend,

I believe that I can help.

THe judgement made you responsible to make sure that the children were covered, and perhaps as a financial penalty.

The point is that the children are covered. He can argue that the children are better covered and you will have a hard time holding him in contempt for this.

Since you have full coverage you will not be liable for his insurance.

Since the law is so arbitrary and judges have a lot discretion, the final outcome would not be easily predicted.

Going to court will be a waste of time and money and may wind up creating more stress for the children.

If he wants to make you pay for his insurance, let him take you to court, where he will probably lose.

I wish you peace of mind a blessings for you and your children.

Warm regards,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you mean I am supposed to pay half of the medical bills for his insurance when he is supposed to be using mine and not his?

No, not at all. You have met the legal requirements by taking out full insurance. If he objects, let him take YOU to court. You have already met your responsibilities from what you have said.

He is out of order. He may not be cited for contempt, but the court will not make you responsible. You are in the right legally, having followed the judge's orders.

God bless you.

Elliott, LPCC, NCC and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok so then can my child support be modified in the state that I live in ? Or does it have to be the state the children live in?

That would vary from state to state and might depend on which state the original order was filed.. You need to consult the attorney who made the original agreement for you.

Warm regards,

Elliott, LPCC, NCC and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you