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Dr Page, I have another question about my ex.Yesterday he came

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Dr Page, I have another question about my ex.Yesterday he came to be with our daughter.He also asked me if I am hungry.I told him I will take of myself.He still was nice enough to cook dinner for me.It was very good.He also mentioned that my boyfriend will not cook it that well.I told him to stop.I said we discussed it already.Thfoughout the evening he was nice.I tried to chto have very limited conversation with him.He even paid for our daughter's lessons which he said he would not a few days avo.What is he trying to a ccomplish?Is he changing?
He runs very hot and cold,so you can't say for certain he is changing. He might be nice to you one night and then completely go back to being mean and try to control the situation the next. I wouldn't take one day to mean anything other than it was a tolerable evening. He seems like the type who will never admit to any wrong doing, which he needs to in order to really come to terms with things. You are looking for any tiny little sign of him changing because you want to run back to him. You have to be very careful with this and stand your ground. Let him work for it and show you more than a day here and there that he can be nice and normal.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Should I continue with original plan by not answering the phone when he calls and keeping conversations about our daughter only? When he asks why I am not pi cking the phone what should I tell him?
Just as I have been telling you all along, tell him the truth !
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can you please clarify?
Please revisit our last thread which spanned a time frame of over 3 weeks in which we discussed this to great detail. Tell him the truth as to why you don't want to talk with him. You are divorced. Its over. End of story. If he wants to get help for his issues, then you would support it. Other than that, he needs to stop acting badly around you and trying to control you.
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