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Dear Debra
Dear Debra, Advice Columnist
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I met a man over the weekend. We spent alot of time together

Customer Question

I met a man over the weekend. We spent alot of time together Friday night, he came and had coffee with me saturday morning, then we went to breakfast, went out Saturday night with his family hung out on Sunday. He told our friends how much he thought we just clicked he pretty much acted like we were a couple, he would hug and kiss me when saying hello and always kissed me goodbye when we were leaving. He's in the military and stationed a few hours from where we live he asked me to come see him on base. Sunday was the last time I saw him. He told me he'd come say goodbye to me on Monday before returning to base. I didnt see him or hear from him and still have yet to get a phone call or a text. Was I played? Was I stupid to think he really liked me, was this just a weekend fling while he was home? Am I overthinking this? Should I forget him?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 3 years ago.

Dear Debra : Thank you for your question.
Dear Debra : He sounds like a gentlemen.
Dear Debra : I do not feel like you were played at all and I feel you will hear from him again.
Dear Debra : Being in the military there are responsibilities and he might want to be able to give you that full attention. He might be busy with his work right now but the minute he finds the time I fell he will call or text. You could text him asking him if he returned to base. You also tell him you had a wonderful time and can't wait to see him again.
Dear Debra : Some times get worried that a girl
Dear Debra : Might not be interested so you need to let him know that you do have feelings for him.
Dear Debra : You want to keep communication open. Do not wait for him to contact you. You should check in and ask him how he is doing.
Dear Debra : You both sounds like you got along well and would have a future together. But work I am sure is very busy and when he is able to see you again he will.
Dear Debra : I am sure he is thinking of you and you did spend time with his family. I think he sees a future with you and I just feel his work is keeping him from contacting you.
Dear Debra : I would not forget him. I would contact him.
Dear Debra : He might be waiting for you to contact him.
Dear Debra : He also told your friends how much you both clicked. It sounds like he was excited about the relationship. Everything you have told me about the relationship is positive. I do think he will contact you again but I would contact him. You could say too him when can we go to breakfast again.
Dear Debra : You want him to know you are there and that you care about him.
Dear Debra : You could even say too him that you wish you could do the whole weekend over again because you had a wonderful time.
Dear Debra : It is important that he knows how you feel.
Dear Debra : i feel this relationship is worth giving it a chance. It is in the beginning stages and it is very normal to feel how you are feeling.
Dear Debra : When relationships progress them they get more comfortable but because it is in the beginning stages it is normal to wonder if the person has feelings for you and if they will call. I just feel like because he is back at work he might have very little time to contact you. He wants to be able to have that time with you so things do not feel rushed. So I feel he is waiting for the right time.
Dear Debra : He might be waiting for the weekend to contact you again. That is when he will have some free time again. Thank you again for your question.

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