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I had never kissed or slept with another man but my husband

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I had never kissed or slept with another man but my husband keeps accusing me having sex with so many men and even said he believes in 100% that a certain man took my virginity while I was in high school . He said he saw man kissing me while I dont even know whats going on
Hello. I'm sorry your husband is putting you through this. It is not your responsibility to make him feel better about this. He is having some serious issues and he is the one who needs to seek help. Jealous people are very insecure. He has some personal issues that are severely damaging to you and the relationship. This will not just go away on it's own. He needs to fix it and take responsibility for what he is doing to you. You need to seriously consider your future under these circumstances and how it is effecting you. If he is obsessing about this and you want to try and do something, look into some local counselors in your area which specialize in marriage/couple counseling and take him to a session. Choose a male counselor. If this is not an option for you, then I would suggest if you have a family member or friend nearby, that you ask them if you can stay with them for a few weeks and temporarily leave the situation for awhile.
As I said, this is not going to get better on it's own. You are limited in your choices and you alone cannot do anything to change this. Your husband is the only one who can change this. If he is not willing to change his behavior, then you may need to make some difficult decisions regarding your future. Is this the way you want to live for the next 5, 10 years?? Think about it. You will never convince him of what his mind has already decided are facts. It will not happen. You are wasting your time defending yourself, so why spend the energy? Try to find some counsel in the area and go from there. He needs to get some help and you aren't going to be the one to change his behavior.
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