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Is there a genetic link to DISH? My father had it and now

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Is there a genetic link to DISH? My father had it and now I have for the past several years. Kyphosis and forward posture. I'm 80 this year and a retired neurosuggeon. Hur. Katrina ruined my medical library and put me out of practice in Gulfport, Ms. in 2005. passably you can find an answer. My sons are concerned that they can get all bent over li I and my dad was (he made 90, passing in 1995 Harry-- hadmd email [email protected]
Hello Dr. HAD, Thank you for consulting JA,
I am sorry to hear about how Hurricane Katrina affected you so drastically.

I searched the OMIM website for genetic information on DISH and found no clear genetic link. However, there have been cases of multiple family members with the condition. The occurrence seems to be mainly linked to age and sex (older males). Prolonged use of isoretinol and some metabolic disease have been implicated as cause.

Here is the website that I consulted which is a reputable source of information on genetic causes of disease:

Here is another resource about the disease in general form the National Institute of Health (NIH):

I hope that you find this information helpful.
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