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What does it mean if your room at a hotel when you first arrive,

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What does it mean if your room at a hotel when you first arrive, has towels folded a little off, and the soap and bath products are positioned off like the towels? What does it mean if your room is not taken care of properly during your stay, such as not making the bed well? Should you take it personally or just tell the manager and get their reaction to tell what is going on? And, do they save "bad" rooms for undesirable customers? I have done a lot of hotel stays and usually everything is fine.

Hello and thank you for consulting JA,
If your room is not properly taken care of it could mean several things. The housekeeping person may be new. The standards of that hotel may not be high. The housekeeper was having a bad day. There may be rooms that have fewer amenities for a lesser rate but the rate would dictate the service not their judgment of a person. You should not take this personally and do tell the manager if you are unhappy with something. They are providing a service for a fee and you, the paying customer, deserve to ask for a certain standard.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is the effect of a room not taken care of, is it not personal? Does it translate as disrespect for the guest, they can tell something somehow that they don't like about the guest? Your answer says it's not personal, hoping that is true, is it ever or does it ever go beyond that to more than something the manager can take care of?

In a high end hotel, if you have been there a few days and have not left a tip, the housekeeping person may get careless. Once again, it is all about money not the character of the person. If you leave a few dollar tip every day, you will get more service. Sad to say...but true.
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