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Dear Debra
Dear Debra, Advice Columnist
Category: Relationship
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I am really interested in hearing about this: I was in a gift

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I am really interested in hearing about this: I was in a gift shop and someone turned off the music, then a little while later, turned it on again and it was a different type of music, I could not even think about what I was shopping for, it was so distracting, more like you would not hear in a gift shop, kind of too sexy and loud. Someone else came in the shop and noticed it was on, and assumed something was wrong and that they did not like me.
I'm not the type to get kicked out of a gift shop. Do people do that? And is it done for no reason? I know you could get poor service or slow service or something. Is that done? I've
never done that when I worked at places with customer service. Do they keep two types of music on purpose? I really would appreciate knowing that. I asked the counter person and she assured me I was O.K. with her, but could she have just not told me? What will the other customers do, keep a lookout for me, it's a small place, and others, would they see me coming as someone not liked? Maybe I have no class? It has not happened in the past, but recently people everywhere it seems are selective. I wonder if that is done at different times, as well, for certain intervals?

Deardebra : Thank you for your question.
Deardebra : People often change the music when they feel a customer that is in the store will not mind.
Deardebra : I feel the person changed the music because they figured you would be ok with it. It means they feel your a customer that they like and think is a cool person.
Deardebra : It does not mean they were tryi g to get you out of the store they look at you as someone that would not be bothered by the music.
Deardebra : Should music like that be played in a gift shop it should not buy they felt you would be fine with it and they could get away with listening to it. I think they thought you would not saying anything so they changed the music.
Deardebra : People love certain types of music and people work better if they are listening to what they want. But that is a place if business and it is important the business is run correctly. You can not be in a store and can't even buy something because the music is offensive and distracting.
Deardebra : The owner wants people to have a comfortable experience and he wants his customers to walk out the store having the best experience.
Deardebra : If people come in and the music is not right for the store they become uncomfortable and they no longer go back to that store. Then they tell their friends and they won't go in there.
Deardebra : The owner would never want that was their business.
Deardebra : Some times people think it is ok to listen to what they want but you can't in a place if business it should be clean music and something that would not offend someone. It should be music that is appropriate for families.
Deardebra : People need to feel relaxed and focus on shopping. When someone goes into a store they might need help picking out a gift. You can't have music blasting or inappropriate music playing. It makes people not want to ask for help because they can not hear over the music. The music needs to not change in that store. The best music for gift shops is music with no words. Something like classical music it is nice music that everyone can enjoy. You never want to feel uncomfortable in a store when your trying to buy something.
Deardebra : I am sure they have all kinds if different music they play.
Deardebra : Next time you go in because you told the person behind the counter they will make sure they have the right kind if music on or none at all.
Deardebra : They need to realize not everyone likes the same music they like they need to put something on that will be nice fir the customers so that they can have that great shopping experience. Then people will say how wonderful their gift shop is and people will want to go there.
Deardebra : *will be nice for
Deardebra : I do not think that they did not like you and they would never think that you had no class. If anything they liked you and thought you were a cool person who would like their music but they should if asked if you mind if they changed the music or they should have waited until no one was in the store. Someone might have been listening to the song they changed. So they should have asked if it was ok.
Deardebra : You always want to ask when Simeon does something.
Deardebra : *ask when someone does something.
Deardebra : That way you will know why they are doing certain things.
Deardebra : Next time you go in the store and you do not like the music ask them to change it to something that best suits you. You want to he able to focus on shopping. The customer is the most important when it comes to business. Thank you again for your question.
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