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I love my fiancee but he tends to pick on everything I do,

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I love my fiancee but he tends to pick on everything I do, he is loud, and can be a jerk very bold but thats why I love him. I just wish he would not put me down all the time. Everytime he gets mad he sayd he doesnt love me tells me I should get out and he doesnt care. I guess i am wondering if he really means it and is waiting for me to actually go or if he is just mad? How do you tell
Hello. I'm sorry he is doing this to you. This is a very serious situation, probably more so than you realize. While not every person is the same, from my experience this type of behavior is what leads to emotional and eventually physical abuse in a lot of cases. I have seen many men with a temper like this escalate their actions as years go on. They keep pushing the limits of what they can get away with because they know their girlfriend or wife won't or can't leave. He has major control issues and he does mean it. I know you probably have wonderful moments in your relationship and the thought of him hitting you is so far off, you think it is ridiculous, but I am speaking from experience of how these things do tend to lead to. If you are engaged, I urge you to please not marry this man until this gets resolved. It will not get better on its own. It just won't. He needs to make some major adjustments in his behavior and perhaps seek counseling in order to achieve this. I assure you that when he is not in a bad mood, he is gentle and wonderful and tells you he doesn't mean it, but any man who loves his fiance would never in a million years even consider putting her down or degrading her in any way. A man who is in love would never think about telling his finacee that he doesn't care and to get out. Please be careful. he will show a good face, but there could very well be something scary lurking there.
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