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All the "expertise" That I am asking is to for is to be of

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All the "expertise" That I am asking is to for is to be of the lovelier sex and be ~20-40. Obviously, I am relying on honesty. I will pay for the first 10 responses. I am embarrassed To ask this. If a man With whom you are romantically involved, (e.g. boyfriend, fiancé, husband) mentions you would look nice in a particular shade of lipstick) would you a) try it, or instead, b) find that he asked, really weird?

Now for the guys, again first 10 will rcv payment, same Age bracket and same level of involvement with the woman in your life, would you a) Ever ask a woman to wear a particular shade and b) the fact that I am even asking this question, and for which I am embarrassed In doing so, am I a weirdo to even ask the question?

thank you,

What a woman may be thinking, depending on the woman (keep in mind, not everyone is the same or would react the same) is wondering where you saw this particular shade of lipstick. She would then assume that you probably saw it on another attractive woman and it turned you on, so you want her to wear it as well, which would in turn make her jealous and perhaps angry. You would probably get that reaction more than any other, but some women may find it flattering and try it. Women look into everything and would look into a reason why you would be requesting this.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I do not understand the message from just answer. Have you been paid; I excepted your answer; And scored a value of five. Please advise.
Yes I did. I don't know what message was sent to you. Do you need for me to contact technical support for you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No thank you ma'am. I think I understand what they were saying.
Ok. thanks.