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I know a married man who was cheating and ended up getting

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I know a married man who was cheating and ended up getting hurt when the girls ex boyfriend came to the door.
He jumped out the window and was seriously hurt, do you think he will continue on with the affair with the other woman once he is better or do you think he will cut off all ties and be faithful to his wife and family?
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It depends very much on his reasons for cheating. If his marriage has issues and he will not address them, then the likelihood that he will continue cheating, with anyone, is strong. Also, if he has personality issues such as narcissism, where the person thinks of themselves first, he might continue to hurt his wife by cheating.

However, if he was cheating and there was not much meaning behind why he was cheating, such as when someone cheats just because they were tempted or the opportunity was there, then it is more than likely he will stop cheating. Having a scare from almost being caught tends to make most people sit up and take notice of what they are doing and hopefully, if the person is smart, they reconsider their actions and stop cheating. Also, if the chances that their spouse would find out and their marriage may end is enough motivation, the person might stop cheating.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes you did. Thank you. And so the likely of him contacting this woman again is slim to none right?
You're welcome!

Most likely he will not go back. If he has had a good scare from what happened, then he is unlikely to want to repeat it again. And hopefully the incident forces him to take a look at why he is cheating, which would help him and his marriage.

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