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My boyfriend of 6 years suddenly left me two weeks ago. We

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My boyfriend of 6 years suddenly left me two weeks ago. We had been having problems since November when I found out that he had dinner with another woman and kissed her. I am in so much pain right now. I can't eat or sleep. I think about our relationship all of the time. How can I get over this pain?
You have taken the right steps. Getting support is the best way to find closure. The difference is that it may take time. It takes perseverance and support but eventually you have to heal that wound to truly move on. One fact is that you can stop romanticizing his memory. What that means is instead of thinking about all the good things you have done together think about the things that drove you crazy. Then you remember things you don't now miss. It is harder to miss a person who has these traits or habits. Remember that he was kissing someone else. Eventually you will be ready for a new relationship and that will help you eat and sleep. Have faith that someone is out there that you can trust
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Everthing is so hard right now. It i s hard to notthink about the good times. Also i am upset that he does not seem to be in as much pain as i am. I dont understand how someone can just up and leave their life. He blamed me for the break up, nd i keep wondering what i could have done better. It is hard to adjust being alone in the house. A month ago everything seemed ok, and now hes gone. It is just shocking to me.

It is very hard but know that things will get easier. It is very hard to think that you are the only one in pain. however it is unlikely that this is true. In reality he may just not as expressive but having feelings as well. People blame each other as a way to mourn the relationship. It is a coping strategy. He will come to know that you are both responsible. You will eventually have to use your feelings and even his as a way to find peace again. this will all happen as time moves on and you want the relationship less. Hang in there; it gets easier and easier
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