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So i have a friend with benefit and he told me a couple time

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I have a friend with benefits and he told me a couple of time that he dont want to date me but i wonder why he asked for my opinion on if he should have sex with this girl or not, he said that if it bothers me, he will not do it. She was the one asking him to have sex. He said that i have to decide and then i said that it bothers me a bit and he said he wouldn't do it so  later he said that he will not have sex with other girls alone only if im there but never without me. I told him that i don't wanna go see other guys for sex either and that i havent slept with any because i respect him and he felt touch by that and said that i was a good girl. I don't know whats going on. What do you think ?


Is it normal for FWB to act this way ?

Hello. Relationships can have several levels and there are no "rules" as to what people should or shouldn't do, as long as it is ok by the other person. He probably doesn't want to be in a serious relationship but cares enough about your current situation to at least ask you your feelings. You said you respected him and that respect is why you haven't slept with anyone else. Maybe he feels the same way. SO right now, you have a sexual relationship with this person and no one else. That's all that is going on. It isn't a serious relationship, but you are not sleeping around with everyone, it's something in between that doesn't really need to be defined. It's possible that it could grow into something more, it depends how you both feel about each other as time goes on. You have mutual respect for each other and that's a good thing. Just go with it for now and see how it progresses.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Its not a bad service or poor im just not satisfy and i dont know why but thanks for helping. Please dont take it personnal.

May I ask why you rated bad service? This effects me in a very negative way and I spent my time to give you an educated and good answer based on my expertise. I have to ask you what type of answer you expected if other than what I gave and to rate me as good or excellent service, as I have an excellent record with Just Answer for the past several years and have many satisfied clients. I rarely receive a bad rating and am asking you to please change your rating as it reflects the answer I provided.
You have severely effected my rating. Please consider changing your rating as I will be punished by Just Answer unjustly, as I have given you a good answer.
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