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Hello sir/ madam i am really confused right now. My fiancee

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Hello sir/ madam

i am really confused right now. My fiancee is very angry with me and has refused taking my calls or replying my text since Friday. He got me a birthday gift but i complained he didn't get me cake and he didn't take me out and he got really pissed that he bought me a real diamond necklace but i still did not appreciate it. He says am unappreciative of all he does for me. That i never appreciate anything and i complain too much. i never knew i was doing all this. I really feel bad. He hardly gets this angry.Kindly help me please, i really don't know what to do. he sent me a text on Friday saying he cannot afford to marry a woman who is never satisfied with whatever he does for her and doesn't want to live an unhappy life.
Kindly help me
Hello, I'd like to help you with your problem.

It sounds like your fiance is hurt by what he feels are ungrateful comments you made. It seems clear he does love you and that might be why he is reacting so strongly to what he feels you have done. The more love, the more pain when you are hurt.

It would be helpful to continue to contact him. Make sure you tell him that you now realize what you have done. Thank him for pointing it out to you and say that you did not realize it. Most of all, make sure you tell him that you are sorry and that you intend on changing your behavior. If you would like to, send him a very nice thank you card for all he did for your birthday.

You can also contact any relatives and friends you feel might talk to him on your behalf. Tell them to let him know how sorry you feel and that you want to make it up to him. This may help him open up some and let go of his anger because these are people he knows and trusts.

Also, it is also early yet so do give him some time to work through his anger. Along with contacting him about how sorry you feel, tell him that you understand his need for time and that you respect he needs to work through his anger. Let him know you will be ready to talk whenever he feels it is the right time for him.

I hope this has helped you,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks alot for the advice, i have done exactly as you said. I just hope he talks to me soonest.

I also want to ask: My man has been talking about us getting married this December and him coming to see my parents. But am a little angry as he has not proposed.

Secondly,i find it difficult talking to him, as he flares up when i try to talk, in other to shut or scare me from talking. Am sad cause i love and really want him to listen to me and be considerate sometimes.

Thirdly, His family is causing so much trouble. His nephews and nieces comes around the house, misbehave and he never talks to them but rather tells me to do the talking. Whenever i do the talking, its causes big problem for me as hi family thinks am being too pushy. But i really do not know what else to do because i must say, some of his family members are driving me nuts. I have been thinking lately if i can cope with their trouble when i finally marry my man.

Many thanks
You're welcome!

When you and your fiance make up with each other, you may want to ask him about when he feels you should get married. You are half of the relationship and deserve to know what he feels about the topic of getting married.

If he gets upset when you talk and tries to shut you down, talk to him about it. It may be that he doesn't realize he is doing it, or if he does, that he needs to stop. If he won't, then consider walking away when he does get upset with you. Just tell him that it hurts you and you need some time away until he calms down.

If his family is causing problems, he needs to deal with it. Putting on you is a way for him to avoid taking responsibility and making you the bad person in the situation because you are telling them what he should be telling them. If he tries to make you do it, tell him no and that it is his family, not yours. If he pushes, leave the situation until he either does it or the situation calms down.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks alot, i feel relieved talking to you. Thanks for all the advise, am pretty sure they will bring me a positive result. i deeply appreciate

Many thanks

You are very welcome! Take care.