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Rev.Dr. August Abbott, Clergy
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If the couple is in a committed relationship for 5 yrs. and

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If the couple is in a committed relationship for 5 yrs. and they both agree they want to marry, but the womans income is much greater than the man's, should the woman buy her own engagement ring?
-- An engagement ring doesn't have to be an expensive diamond. It can be anything. It's a symbol of committment and love; a promise to marry.

With that said, of course it wouldn't be proper for you to buy it yourself.

Many couples when starting out will opt for a less expensive ring, even a CZ (cubic zirconia) or modest costing stone line an opal, citrine, garnet, etc.. As their relationship matures and finances improve, a nice diamond can be purchased to replace the more modest ring. Funny thing though, many couples end up cherishing that cheaper ring as if it were priceless, because of the emotion behind it.

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