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good morning. so last night I was able to spend my time with

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good morning. so last night I was able to spend my time with the girls. We had a great time. when i went to drop them off at the grandma's house (she is very close to Christine and talks to her often) she told me that Christine has made it up in her mind that i will never change and that she is excited about starting her life over. should I be insulted by this? do you think given everything that we have talked about that she is simply following the "grass is greener" approach and doing everything she can to make herself believe that? How should I feel about her being excited to start her life over? I am starting to think that she will never come back.
Hello. You should fell however you feel. There are no rules to feelings. There was obviously a lot of unresolved issues in your marriage which were never able to be worked on and a compromise of some sort reached. For whatever reason, she feels she is legitimately better off on her own. I would think about the reasons why she said that "you will never change" and what that means to you. She feels that you must have treated her in a way which she was tired of dealing with. It does not matter if you feel those reasons are legitimate or not, she does and that's the reality. So at this point you need to decide if her reasons are things that you want to change in yourself for yourself or if you don't. There is no guarantee she will ever take you back in either case, so if you do decide to change, it will be for you and your future.
You will go through many stages of different feelings. It's the natural progression of how these things work. Allow yourself to feel however you feel. If you fight it, it will be a lot more stressful for you.
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