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My friend has knee pain and needs surgery on the one knee joint.

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My friend has knee pain and needs surgery on the one knee joint. She is taking aspirin or
something like that for now. Will she develop psychological symptoms or have
changes going through this? Any suggestions for things, any extra things she can do? Also,
I have had a job with unexpected aspects to it and some investments which were not
what they should have been. Any suggestions for my spouse? Is it a loss of trust? I have been involved in three car accidents (not my fault). Any suggestions on what he might do
to feel better? Anything extra, or not? Thanks.
Hi there. My question for you is why are you worrying about all this? Do you focus more on things working out or do you dwell on the negatives? Do you focus on things you can control or things that are not in your control?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well, my friend who is waiting to have the knee surgery until she gets a routine-type second opinion (because it's surgery), is very important. She has offered to help with my life and they are able to do that, and she is kind of excellent at everything so I thought I could help her experience, because she did not have pain and that kind of surgery before this; she is more of a healthy type. She talked about it a lot. My husband is also a very good person who accepts the challenges and works with them. I am thinking too many and his foundation or security will have less meaning. I guess these things can be just gone through. I wonder if the negative things will keep happening now that some have. I guess I do a little of both, hoping things work out and seeing the negative aspects. I don't always get the full picture as early as I could, in a situation, and do not want it to not work out; it used to be a little safer, it seems. What I found out later was those details for the full picture did not prevent success, but I have had times when my responses would have been better; I wasted time on things that seemed like issues but had I had the full picture were not. Lucky but what about the waste of time? Not sure about control or dwelling, maybe, on the negative. Does this sort of answer what you asked? My husband rarely complains about anything, especially if it's important. I learned after a long time that when he is a little impatient, there is something wrong he is not doing anything about, which usually has a quick solution, he does not see yet, but not always though. Let me know if this is a different question, and I will ask it later as a different question than this one you are working on; how many things can happen and on what scale before you leave a relationship with a mate or spouse? Like three very bad things or what?


I an going to opt out and let someone else help.

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