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MrsRuss0114, LCSW
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 215
Experience:  B.A.Psychology, MSW, LCSW, HS-BCP; 8+ yrs experience.
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Hi, I met a guy 4 weeks ago he is 32 really nice was genuinely

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I met a guy 4 weeks ago he is 32 really nice was genuinely interested and wanted to see me often i waited till i had seen him a few times before i stayed over and he was really sweet. then after 3 weeks he said he wanted some space to sort his stuff out, he has been separated from his wife for a few months and says he has stuff going on he needs to fix on his own. i expressed my sadness maybe a little too much, and called him and i asked if we will see each other again he just said he would text me later that was about a week ago he said he was sorry and didn't know what to say. I asked him to tell me to leave him alone if that's what he wanted and he said i should be able to figure it out if that's what i wanted to do. I'm so confused and not sure what to do we really had something special not sure if these signs point to something I'm failing to see, weather its over and I'm in denial there are so many sweet nice things he said that I'm holding onto, or maybe it was all a game or lie he is 32 I'm 27 i fall hard and fast he knows how i feel. should i just wait for him to call or should i forget him?

MrsRuss0114 : Hello and thank you for choosing just answer, I look forward to assisting you.
MrsRuss0114 : I'm sorry you're going through this.
MrsRuss0114 : It seems like this guy has a ton of personal things he needs to work out and probably has no idea how to manage the feelings he has for you on top of everything else.

yeah I was thinking that also, the silence from his is really hurting me and he doesnt seem to care

MrsRuss0114 : Instead of trying to get him back, the best thing would probably be for you to reiterate your feelings for him but in addition to that, share with him that you're willing to give him space to work whatever it is he has going on out but that you'll be there for him if needed.

i have text him saying things like that he hasn't responded at all

MrsRuss0114 : He probably has an emotional wall up as it is very overwhelming trying to manage the multitude of feelings good and bad.
MrsRuss0114 : That's all you can do, you've shared with him how you feel and when he's ready, it's up to him to respond.

yeah I just needed someone to talk to about it all thank you

MrsRuss0114 : In the meantime, you have to be understanding that he's probably going through a ton with the separation and depending on the status of that, it can cause any person to shut off.

yeah he just led me to believe so many things that i just cant forget overnight :(

MrsRuss0114 : You're most welcome. I'd also like to say that you should determine for yourself how long you're willing to wait because you also deserve to be happy.

yeah i know he wouldn't do the same for me but i fell for him really hard and fast :(

MrsRuss0114 : None of us can, that just means you're human but more importantly you feel love, hurt, sadness, happiness and we need all of those things to keep us grounded and to appreciate all of the successes in life and relationships.

and i was sure he felt the same way until he shut down

MrsRuss0114 : And he very well may but, men are concrete, they compartmentalize especially when it comes to feelings and emotions.

yeah thankyou i got to get back to work cheers XXXXX XXXXX chat



MrsRuss0114 : You're very welcome! Feel free to request me directly if you need to chat some more.

ok thankyou

MrsRuss0114 : If you've found our interaction helpful please accept and rate me :) I wish you the best!
MrsRuss0114 : Have a great rest of your day!
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