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My Husband and I are at a cross road in our life right now

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My Husband and I are at a cross road in our life right now and i'm unsure what to do. We have been together for three years and it has been a very volitile relationship, we have both cheated on one another in the past and spilt up many times. We split up last christmas because i cheated and we got back together in March. We both swore we would put the past behind us and move forward by going to couple counselling etc. However i started to feel like he was punishing me for cheating on him as he refused to wear his wedding ring, and wouldn't tell anyone about us getting back together again. He also made comments about things he had done on our last break with other women which really broke my heart as i really put 100% into making this work. The final straw came last Friday when i dropped him off at his work. There was a group of girls standing outside and he acted so strangely, jumped out the car and walked away with a quick goodbye. When i quizzed him about it later that day he said he didnt want them to think "less of him" for being seen with me?!? I wasn't happy as you can imagine and i told him how i felt about everything and ended it with him. It dosent help matters that he was cheating on me with a work collegue, who i don't know but i just had enough. Since then he's tried his hardest to win me back, buying me gifts and saying he is sorry and that he shouldn't feel ashamed to be with me if this was meant to be a fresh start. He wants to prove to me that he'll do anything to make it work but im so unsure about everything. Have i just turned into a gullible woman who will put up with anything for him?
The truth is you have taught him how to treat you. You have bought his lies, accepted him back many times, put up with the verbal abuse, believed the manipulation. This is who he is and what his character is about. You have the years of evidence to show you how he truly is. The best I can tell you is that what you see is what you get. If you can accept that about him then continue the relationship. If you can't accept that and are unhappy then only you can make the decision to leave and find happiness elsewhere. Good luck.
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