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I am in a relationship where I am involved with a lady really

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I am in a relationship where I am involved with a lady really having health and other emotional issues. Ex: cancer on 2 different occasions, lost husband to cancer 2 years ago, heart issues and double breast removals. In the beginning, she was scared, and I was very respectful of her feelings. She has been in the hospital on 2 different occasions recently. I went to see her on one occasion and she was reluctant but it was a nice visit. The most recent admission, she did not allow me to come. She has a great deal on her plate and I have been there for her. What I have noticed, is that , she was fine and then she was a different person. We have had sex and really enjoy it. The next day she felt guilty and was in a bad emotional state a few days ago I text to call her and she responded by saying I could call anytime. The call went well and then the next day, she text me and said she doesnt want to text all the time. I have no idea on what is going on. I asked her if she wanted to stop communicating with me, please let me know. I have not heard from her since then. It has been almost 6 days. I have given her space.
If she doesnt want me around, why doesnt she tell me? I told her by text, she would feel better within, if she really tell me how she feels.

Thank you,
Mixed messages leave us feeling confused and unsure of where the relationship stands. I could easily say that because of all her health concerns, she is probably preoccupied with herself. It's only a guess. She may be one not to burden others with her problems. Again, only a guess. I say the way to clear up mixed messages is for a good sit-down talk. No text or phone calls. Face to face. If this relationship means anything to you then you need to meet her and talk about how you are feeling. Get answers from her about where you two stand in the relationship. I think this is the only way to clear things up.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I not sure how to ask her to have dinner. Not sure how I am going to feel if she turns m like to be e down. I feel as though, she thinks I am weak. She does not likes to be challenge. Need to guided in this area~

There are no guarantees how she will react. May be good news or may not be. Either way, you need clarity on the situation. You need to be ready to hear whatever she has to say. I would invite her to dinner and ask her what she thinks about the relationship. Where does she see the two of you heading? Start there and see where it goes.