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I handed in a paper that the professor gave me an extended

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I handed in a paper that the professor gave me an extended deadline for, because of a family tragedy during finals. I got it in Monday. On Saturday, I looked over my paper carefully, and realized there were a few citations that I didn't get in because I was rushing to finish the paper for him. He's big on deadlines, even when he gives extensions, which is pretty rare. I emailed him and just let him know that although the deadline passed, I was just sending the paper with the included new citations in red highlights so he can see the changes made. I didn't change any text or alter the body of the paper in any way (I told him this). I just want to make sure he knows all the work is my own and where I cited or wrote from someone else, I cited it all in my paper. I don't want any troubles with plagiarism. He hasn't gotten back to me by e-mail to say ok thanks or anything like that. Should I be worried? Or is no news good news from a professor? Maybe he would've only e-mailed me if there was a problem?
As a former teacher, I would say no news is good news. If there was question about plagiarism then the professor would have contacted you immediately. You have nothing to worry about. You did the right thing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Someone said they thought I would get a failing grade because I didn't do the citations right the first time and that the professor would be annoyed because I revised the paper an additional five days after what was already an extended deadline. Do you think that's true?

I think it shows good dedication and honesty on your part. NOthing to worry about.
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