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Hi... Me and my wife currently living in Rented Property and

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Me and my wife currently living in Rented Property and lease is on iur name and we have 4 bedrooms from which we lended to other couple and 2 guys to divide and save rent. But I want to let go onr guy from the house by giving one month of notice as i cant say straight to da guy because the othet guy who is his uncle is responsible for him as he asked me to let his cousin live in the house and told me if u have any issue with his cousin than just tell
me only . So i want to ask what the good way to say to his uncle for his cousin to leave the house. The reason is because 1stly it luks so congested in the house.. and plus his cousin is youngster and found him immature.. So please tell me da right way to SAY
You ask him if there is a good time for both of you to talk. You want to set up a time and a place where you can talk in private. He seems like a private person because he wants you to come to him only. You simply explain too him you feel that things feel crowded and you feel that at times he seems immature. Explain that you feel things are just not working out. If you do not want to say any of that you can say, you thought taking another person in the rental was a good idea but then you realized it became to crowded. Tell him I hope he can understand that we just need the space. You also if a relative needs to move in with you. You can also tell him a relative needs the space. People move in family members all the time that need to stay for a little while. What ever the reason you want to be honest. Because you live in the house you can explain why you want the person to leave and tell the reason why. But if you didn't live in the house you can not just tell a person to leave. Because you agreed for then to live there and if they pay rent it is hard to get them out. One thing is if the person signed a lease. That is an agreement. The uncle can say that he will stay until the lease is up. You want to be prepared for everything. He might as you for another chance. You want to be ready to answer all questions. I would tell him things just are not working out.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Lease is on my name and even once owner came for repair n seen da ppl which are not on rental list and said too many people living
I would tell the uncle that there is just too many people living here and that your sorry but he has to move out. I would tell him what the owner said and that way he will understand. Since your name is ***** ***** lease you make the decisions on who lives there.
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