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Whats the best way to deal with obsessive calls and texts

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What's the best way to deal with obsessive calls and texts from someone after you've clearly told them you're not interested? Is it better to keep trying to tell them to stop or just ignore them?
Thank you for your question. When you have told someone to stop texting, calling and you told them you are not interested, you should no longer answer them so the get the message. If you already told them to stop and they didn't then you should no longer answer them. One thing that you can do is on a cellphone you can go to your online phone company and there is a section where you can block numbers so the person no longer bothers you. What is happening is the person is not taking no for an answer and thinks that if they continue to text that over time you will be interested or interested again. They think they can win you over by keep communicating. But you are clearly not interested and what I would do now is tell the person one more time and then tell them you are changing your number or blocking their number. That is another you can do as well is change your number. Some times if you block a certain number they might call on a different phone, so you might want to think about changing your number if the person does not stop. Again thank you for your question.
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