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Jen Helant
Jen Helant, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  I have a degree in psychology and worked with many couples. I am happily married and have been for 10 years.
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She broke up with me on Tuesday by Saturday night we are spending

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She broke up with me on Tuesday by Saturday night we are spending time like we used too as a family with all the kids around. We had a great movie night spent the night over cuddled She made me breakfast the next morning I did the dishes like nothing had happened at all as far as the break up. we talked flirted and cuddled. We usually spend the entire day together after a night over but today we didn't she said she had to go to her grandmas house called her and she said hey "mi amor" and told her that shell be there in about an hour I'm going nuts over the fact that she would call her grandma the same love nickname she used too with me. I asked her whats for dinner later like we used to before and she said as long as you cook I was like sure. Then she said Ill think about it not sure If I'm coming home tonight...I dont know what to think when I look into her eyes she looks like she wants to cry that feeling of I want you near me all the time unsure of the space and time we are giving each other especially after a great night and morning. I'm literally sobbing over how I feel I'm used to the routine of family dynamics with her it worked but then right after nothing again such a lonely feeling and stress over her comments "I dont know if ill be home tonight" Its seems like shes playing with me but I kind of like it when we are together but apart it creates so much pain until I see her again.

jenhelant : Hi Welcome back
jenhelant : I am sorry about what you are going through right now, but I would try not to worry too much.
jenhelant : At this point you are both trying to see where you both stand and still balance everything.
jenhelant : It may take some time, but lots of communication is good and important.
jenhelant : The fact that she called her grandmother the same name that she called you I understand can be difficult and hurtful, but I really don't think she meant it in a bad way. She feels you both are her love, but in different ways of course. Even though she called you both the same name it was not meant with the same intention.
jenhelant : I understand it hurts to be apart from her, but time apart can make you both miss one another and make the time together even better. Try not to allow yourself to feel hurt, but rather use the alone time to do your own things and plan on how you can make the time together better. If you spend your time upset then overall that can hurt the time you both have when you are together.

She literally text me 10 minutes after she left in our old dumb ways. I feel better just a bit weird over how backwards we have both given our all to each other. The time and space I feel just makes us feel a bit awkward at least on my end because I try to fake that I feel so depressed with I am not with her so when I get time together I try to not show how much I've really missed her.

jenhelant : It's ok to miss her and show it that will show her how you care, but is good to practice staying active and doing things you enjoy when not with her. That is healthy and will make you feel better when you are together.
jenhelant : Enjoy the time together because it seems like she misses you the same when not with you.
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