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I am having trouble balancing a recent increase in self esteem

Resolved Question:

I am having trouble balancing a recent increase in self esteem from some business with trying to avoid behaving like a completely revolting arrogant and uncaring cad. It's like business success can bring out the worst in me sometimes and I think maybe that is why G-d wants me to stay a failure in life. And ideas?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dear Debra replied 4 years ago.

Deardebra : Thank you for your question. An increase in self esteem is always good when it is balanced.
Deardebra : Being successful in business is an accomplishment. You should be proud that you are accomplishing so many things, but you do nite want to come across arrogant.
Deardebra : What is happening is in business you know what you are doing, so it boosts your self esteem. It is when you feel comfortable and your knowledge gives you that added confidence in your field of work.
Deardebra : But you want to balance this by almost by teaching and being a leader. Someone with your knowledge in business gives you that edge to be that self confident person. You want to be able to listen, be in control, teach, and have that confidence that shows others that you are in control and not being arrogant.
Deardebra : You want to show that caring side of yourself, that understanding side that is good for business showing the people that you are working with that you have the knowledge but you also care about their best interest.
Deardebra : You mentioned G-d you feel wants you to be a failure because of how you act. This is someone that feels you should act a certain way in business. Some people have different approachs in business some feel like they have to be tough so no one takes advantage of them,while others might take a more layer back approach.
Deardebra : You want to be a little bit of both. By showing people when you need to be you have to be powerful and strong, but that you also have that confident caring side.
Deardebra : Right not people only see that one side. Show them things can be different and that you do deserve all this success in life.
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