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Ok..this same guy called me and said I call you 6 times..I

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Ok..this same guy called me and said I call you 6 times..I told him I did not hear the phone ring. He explained I guess the phone must be having issues then, He said it is getting ready yto purchased his car I am waiting on these fu999king people, i will call back and let you what type of car i get. I am starting to think this is not a good idea about going on a date with him, not If it just my nerves cause I have not dated in awhile. I am just  thinking somthing bad may happen like I may walk on egg shells or maybe he get violent one day. Any thougths, He still plans to see me Thursday but U have not told him that will not happen. I afraid he gget around my daughter and curse like a sailor one day. prior, to that phone call i told him i wi stop texting because i am driving but you can call if you want. he texted i am drivibg also.  any thoughts, cause i think is some agression with him.

Hello. If you are having bad thoughts about him and are concerned about your safety and your daughter's safety, listen to your intuition. That is really what it comes down to. Whatever you need to do to stay safe and keep your distance from him, you need to do. He sounds like a possessive and controlling person and this is not good. If he has these aggression tendencies now, chances are, they will not get better.
Always listen to your inner voice. If things don't feel right, then they probably aren't.
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