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Are grammatical errors, capitalization not done, and leaving

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Are grammatical errors, capitalization not done, and leaving out punctuation acceptable
in an email, and does that change if the email is sent from a small phone/phone size
device? Also, what if many sentences are constructed wrong with multiple errors in them?
How much is too much, and should you be offended by it?

Deardebra : People today do not even spell full words due to people want to send message in a hurry. They often shorten words like you being u
Deardebra : You should in no way be offended by it people just seem to shorten words and leave out puncuation.
Deardebra : It is very common in todays world of endless technology.
Deardebra : When an e-mail is sent from a phone it is easier to make mistakes.
Deardebra : People are typing on as little device and often times when you are texting words it offers suggestive words which some times change on there own so things get spelled wrong often.
Deardebra : You also in no way want to point it out to the person because they might feel like they can not text a correct e-mail.
Deardebra : People often do not want to waste time using correct puncuation.
Deardebra : Because it would take too much time.
Deardebra : As far as capitals often times things get capitalized on phones when there is no punctuation after the words.
Deardebra : People some times use the letter r for are. Sentences can look like this r u going tonight? peopel just often shorten things. People often want to get answer quick so they do not complete e-mails.
Deardebra : E-mails from phones are worse because it is ahrd to type on a small device.
Deardebra : *E-mails from phones are worse because it is hard to type on a small device. The word hard was spelled wrong in the top sentence so people often use a symbol either type it over or they would do just the word which would look like this *hard.
Deardebra : If the error is not corrected then the person did not notice or they didn't check the e-mail when it was sent.
Deardebra : It seems today people just send e-mails they do not look things over like they use to. Things have changed because of technology.

So is the form of your response to this question considered acceptable form then? I took it as it was acceptable.


So if I get messages in a form like your answer I should not be offended right?

Deardebra : Yes,it is considered acceptable.
Deardebra : You should in no way should you ever be offende.
Deardebra : *offended.
Deardebra : I spelled offended wrong and I corrected it by putting *offended and correcting it, but if the person does not catch the mistake it will get over looked and get sent out.
Deardebra : so in no way should you be offended because that is how people write today special texts and e-mails.

Thanks. I can ask this as a different question...someone writes: my things is still in the box, and


on our travels we walking everywhere, but the rest of the message is all correct, would you


say that is harmless or not? Thank you.

Deardebra : Yes, that is harmless. The first sentence was shortened because they felt the beginning wasn't as important as what they wanted to say at the end.
Deardebra : they shortened the front and then the rest was correct because they didn't want the important things to be shortened.

Am I right, you are saying that "my things is still in the box" is acceptable and harmless?



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I asked after rating if writing "my things is still in the box" is acceptable/


Harmless. the message is stating that the things are still in the box. If the person was to say it correctly it would be. It could have said something like this, "I just wanted to let you know that your things are still in the box." They could have also said, "You do not have to worry your things are in the box so they do not get ruined." If it is about you buying someone something and they say. "I never even used that item it is still in the box." It all depends on what it is referencing to when they say the things are still in the box.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So it is not a put-down by making that type of grammatical error, don't

some people do that, you said not to check on it but did you mean that,

and how to find out if the person means to put you down, do people not

do that in that way? What to do from there to find out how they feel?


In no way is it a put down by making grammatical error. It is just a way of shortening the sentences. You could ask the person what they meant by that sentence, tell them you did not understand the message and what they meant to say. People do not shorten sentences or spell things wrong on purpose. People if they want to put someone down they usually say something sarcastic. You could talk with the person and just say you did not understand their message very well. Tell them the end part of the e-mail made sense too you ,but you didn't understand the part about the things still being in the box. They will answer you again and explain what they meant by that message. Please accept my answer.
Dear Debra and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you