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Dear Debra
Dear Debra, Advice Columnist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  I have been an Advice columnist for 14 years. My column is published weekly in local newpapers.
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Curosity about his interest in another woman ?

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I followed your advice and it worked out perfectly. My question when I asked how him are you doing? He said he had a headache, so I told him Awww...sorry to hear that sweetie, u are welcome to come over when you feel better maye we make dinner plans with a smilie face. He sayed ok and I told him just let me know when you are ready and he replied ok again. I text later that night by 11:50 pm because the whole day I did not hear from him besides that one text, I text just thinking about u and he did not response. I am curious if he has interest in someone else and that why he not responsing besides we meet online in a dating site and I was told if you don't meet a person within 2 weeks they may lost interest in you plus he works over night so I wonder why? Should I avoid texting or calling today so he can contact me? I feel like I am playing a game. or maybe I am overreacting? I know you said he may not come over so soon and see me because of how I told him no last time but what gives?

Deardebra : I feel like he is often busy from the day and night.
Deardebra : HHe wants to make sure he can text ire talk so I think he puts aside the time. So that he can fully be focused on you.
Deardebra : But I think he has trouble finding the time.
Customer: should I stop texting until he response to me?


its just weird to me he seems to call when he leaves the house but he has contacted me in the morning he when he is home after his sister kids leaves, he never wants to talk around them

Deardebra : IIt sounds like he wants to keep his life private.
Deardebra : SSome times people do not like to talk in front of other people.

yes, he feels something we discuss should not be in front of them


should I back off for now


I guess I trying to causious about my feelings

Deardebra : What I want you to do is text at a time you think he is available. This is what you say. I wasn't sure if you got my last text wanted to see how you are doing.

can I ask him if he is interested in someone else or is dating someone else

Deardebra : No, you do not want to ask that because I think it would hurt his feelings because he is only interested in you.
Deardebra : I think he would get offensive with that question.
Customer: when he does come over and if sex happens should I say are you ready to get exclusive

Deardebra : I would say this.
Deardebra : I feel that we should both move on to the next step and I feel it is time we came exclusive. I think we have a great connection and we should make it official.



so ..I should not wait for him to call or text me


before I mention that comment about the last text

Deardebra : I wouldn't wait I would check in with him.



I will text around 12 or 1 pm,,I just always thought a man does not fully think about you if you always make the first move


because I am doing the work for him in away

Deardebra : No that is not true. You need to communicate that is how you make a connection.

ok..I text around lunch time, what happens if he does not text or call the rest of the day after this/ How do I deal with it?

Deardebra : You then want to wait for him to respond.

ok..sorry after I text and he reponds..I should wait for him to call or text either that night or the next day?


just trying to keep communicating following on a continuous bases from him


flowing I mean

Deardebra : If he responds then you wthe next text at a time he can talk.

I hate texting though


I just do that cause I or he is at work

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