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Itll be better if taken by a clinical psychologist/psychiatrist: I

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It'll be better if taken by a clinical psychologist/psychiatrist:

I have been keeping a log of my emotions/mood and I am seeing a patterns that my emotions are harder to balance/control a few days before my period. I haven't noticed such issues before but just started taking note for the last few months.
1. Could this be due to PMS?
2. Can you explain how PMS can affect a person's mood (especially anger and/or lack of tolerance/easily irritable towards things one doesn't like)?
3. What are some things to handle PMS (including and excluding medication)?

I do plan on consulting my doctor about this, but I thought I wanted to ask here as well.
Hello, I would be glad to answer your question.

Just a quick question for you first.

How old are you?
Hi again Daisy,
Well I see you are off line so I will answer without knowing your age. I was just curious as to why this may have started only 2 months ago and wondered about menopause.

Anyway, this could be PMS or the more severe form called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). We do not what causes this but the patterns of emotions that you discovered are very common. It is speculated that hormones have something to do with the symptoms.

As you can see from the attached article, there are several ways to manage PMDD including a healthy life style (diet and exercise), therapy, and medication (SSRI antidepressants). There are also some hormonal treatment including birth control pills and others. So your doctor may want to try one of these treatments.

This article from the National Institute of Health is excellent.

I hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Great thanks!


I am 25 years old.


I may have had this before too, but I was too focused in school and then work for sometime to take note of it; now that I have settled into my job I have been finding time to really start thinking and keeping track of such things.


I couldn't find the attached article in your message (?)

Yes, when one takes time to notice patterns, a lot can be explained.

Oh I am sorry. I forgot to include article. Here it is.....

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