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Cathy, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Ms, MS.Ed., thirty years clinical practice
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I had previously been communicating with Dr.Brown, but have

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I had previously been communicating with Dr.Brown, but have a 'new' question, perhaps someone can shed some light on? My husband is a offender - please also note that he has been 'out' of prison for about 10 issues, has done all required......

We do have other issues, but I've noticed lately that he constantly has to have a TV on at all times.....mostly crime related shows like NCIS, etc., or anything gruesome in nature. He says it's for background noise, but he is constantly fixed on the shows....even when they are continual reruns....... I personally can NOT stand to see or hear this type of show constantly - maybe once a week, or so, but every day, all day and into the night? The more gruesome, it seems the more he is fixed on watching, rather than just 'listening' to background noise.......

I am starting to be concerned.....three tvs in the house, and I find it hard to NOT be affected by this so-called background noise - and at high volume, due to him being hearing impaired?

He angers easily, and constantly is telling me that I am inconsiderate.


Cathy :

Hi and thanks for writing JA, I know that you have previously worked with Dr. Brown and I can direct you there if you wish but it is not clear to us what the problem is? Is it that you are concerned about your husbands fixation on the shows that portray similar cases to his? Let me know so I can help you or direct you further. All my best, Cathy


Hi - and yes, that is a concern for me.....he does seem fixated on this type of show.....specially the more gruesome ones, which I personally can not stand to fact, I rarely watch TV at all......prefer to read. We have also recently been at odds with each other concerning our individual familes....grown children.....guess I'm just at a loss, even though Dr.Brown was very helpful, and insightful..... not so sure I can keep going as things now stand for fact, this is such a complicated and unusual situation, that I am seriously considering moving out of our home........I really could use some solitude for now


Hello Cathy -


sorry, it's been awhile. I just recently separated from my husband, due to the many issues we'd been having.....and please feel free to look-in on the conversations I've already had with Dr.Brown last month. As I stated last month.....I've found a small place to rent for now....maybe THAT was a mistake....but it sure is nice to not have to listen constantly about how I am NOT a good mother, and how I've not put our marriage first..... we are at major 'odds', and other than actual real-time counseling I see no easy answers. Just wanted to check-in and let you know where this is at.

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